Winter 2016 Newsletter

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No Greater Feeling…

Witnessing the release of an animal back into the wild is a thrilling and often life-changing event! There is no greater feeling… The animals’ sense of freedom seems to demonstrate their appreciation for the staff, volunteers, and YOU, who invest in their care, and play a role in returning them to their rightful home. Your … Continue reading No Greater Feeling…

Fall 2016 Newsletter

SFWC “News from the Nest” IN THIS ISSUE: Preventing Hook/Line Injuries | Hook & Line Medical Treatment | Rehabilitation – Flight Cage | Volunteer Spotlight | What Can I Do? | Shop Amazon Smile

Help Wildlife with Hook-and-Line Injuries

It was probably unintentional… an accident. Earlier this year, an injured anhinga was brought to South Florida Wildlife Center with thick fishing line protruding from her mouth. The line was connected to a large hook in the bird’s stomach­­­­­­−one of the largest we have ever seen ingested. Join us in protecting and preserving the indigenous … Continue reading Help Wildlife with Hook-and-Line Injuries

If You Care, Leave It There!

Download Fact Sheet Renesting Baby Squirrels Baby squirrels often fall from their nests during storms or as they become larger than the area can compensate for. If you find a healthy baby squirrel on the ground, please give it a chance for the mother to come back and pick it up. If you care leave … Continue reading If You Care, Leave It There!

Summer 2016 Newsletter

SFWC “News from the Nest” IN THIS ISSUE: Softshell Turtles | Innovative Medical Treatments | Volunteer Spotlight | Rehabilitation & Release | An Investment in Wildlife | Enrichment for Baby Raccoons | Storm Shelter  

On the Move!

Our success in preserving indigenous wildlife starts with friends like you… Help animals—like the Florida softshell turtle—with your gift today! Click above to witness a softshell turtle release back to the wild! They are on the move! During the hot and dry nesting season months of March through the early weeks of July, Florida softshell turtles … Continue reading On the Move!

Young Raccoons Learn and Grow

You’re in for a special treat! A glimpse inside the outdoor “playpen” for young raccoons at SFWC shows them learning about the world, preparing for release soon into the wild. We are always trying new enrichment ideas for the animals in our care, like the young raccoons in this video. For examples of “toys,” bird … Continue reading Young Raccoons Learn and Grow

From Florida State Homes

  Our friends at Florida State Homes are sharing with prospective home buyers what an amazing resource SFWC is for area wildlife. Their online article titled “On Our Way to Healing Wildlife in South Florida” features an interview with Executive Director Sherry L. Schlueter, talking about the ways that South Florida Wildlife Center helps thousands … Continue reading From Florida State Homes

Gray Foxes Released Back to Nature!

Not many Floridians have the privilege of seeing wild Gray Foxes. However, this native species plays a vital role in nature. Baby foxes are known as “kits,” and these photos show two who were recently treated at SFWC. Both kits were successfully soft-released in Palm Beach County last fall. This release was done in cooperation with Okeeheelee Nature Center, located in Palm Beach County.