Purple Gallinule survived after it was shot with a blow dart in Plantation

“That’s where the dart went in,” said Dr. Renata Schneider from the South Florida Wildlife Center as she pointed to a scabbed spot. “And where my thumb is right here is the bird’s spine, so this patient was very very lucky that the dart went just barely an inch beneath the spine,” she said.

Going to Bat: Conservationists raise orphaned bats to combat mosquito population

(WSVN) – Bats may have a bad rap, but don’t let their scary reputation fool you. Yellow bats are crucial to keeping South Florida’s mosquito population in check, but this year, there has been a surge in sick and orphaned bats.

Injured Turtle Recovering Well After Having Damaged Flipper Amputated

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – An injured turtle is getting a second chance thanks to a local wildlife center.

Winding Waters in PBC becomes haven for homeless gopher tortoises

“As their natural habitat in South Florida is being removed for development, we can actually save the population by removing those that are displaced and having them in suitable areas such as this,” said Julie D’Errico, South Florida Wildlife Center rescue and release coordinator.

5 Kittens Rescued After Being Dumped in Sealed Box on Hot Florida Day

On July 21, a 90-plus-degree day, the South Florida Wildlife Center got a shocking delivery: an unknown individual dumped a sealed styrofoam box containing five live kittens outside the facility.

Like you, we cannot comprehend how people could do such a thing to defenseless creatures

Every month, South Florida Wildlife Center treats animals deliberately injured by people who simply left them to suffer after inflicting the grievous wounds. Just this month, our rescue team brought in a young Egyptian goose who had been shot through the neck with an arrow.  

Baby Least Terns Displaced By Bad Weather Being Nursed Back To Health

SFWC is caring for two baby Least Terns after they were displaced by the bad weather over the weekend. The Least Tern is listed by the state as a threatened species.

American Bald Eagle on Road to Recovery

An American bald eagle, found unable to fly in Palm Beach, was taken to South Florida Wildlife Center for treatment. Upon evaluation, the veterinary team noted that the eagle had no obvious breaks.

Spring is probably the most-anticipated of seasons. It’s a time of regeneration and rebirth.

Your yard is likely home to dozens of animal families ranging from songbirds to squirrels to opossums – may- be even turtles, foxes or ospreys!

6 Foot Iguana Shot With Crossbow Rescued in Florida

A green iguana was brought to the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale yesterday with major injuries after being shot multiple times with a crossbow.