Our success in preserving indigenous wildlife starts with friends like you…

Help animals—like the Florida softshell turtle—with your gift today!

Click above to witness a softshell turtle release back to the wild!

They are on the move! During the hot and dry nesting season months of March through the early weeks of July, Florida softshell turtles begin perilous journeys from their drying ephemeral ponds to their former nesting sites.

More than once I’ve stopped my car to help one get across a highway safely. Their determination and focus are admirable, but sometimes they need help from you and me.

The same is true for our work here at South Florida Wildlife Center. We could use a little help… Your tax-deductible gift, at any level, supports our efforts as we care for and rehabilitate the over 12,000 injured, orphaned, or imperiled animals we admit annually.

Our success in preserving indigenous wildlife starts with the dedication and passion of friends like you—thank you!

For the animals,

Dr. Antonia Gardner, Medical Director