Thanks to donor support and many volunteers, we are well-prepared here at SFWC. With any hurricane plan we have to prepare for the worst, including the possibility of a full evacuation, which means moving hundreds of wildlife patients to safety. Please remember companion animals in your own storm plan and always monitor the weather and storm-related advisories.


Storm Preparedness and Response Tips—be Storm Savvy!


  • Did you know that palm trees are naturally adapted to withstand hurricanes and other storms with no need to prune their fronds? Cutting them is not only unnecessary, it could harm nesting birds protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and might even damage the tree. Before cutting a tree, always inspect branches and cavities for nesting animals.
  • Strong winds and flooding can displace animals from their nests and burrows. If you find waterlogged wildlife or young animals without a parent, go to our Rescue Advice page or call the SFWC Resource Center at 954-524-4302 ext. 10.
  • Create a hurricane or disaster plan that includes your companion animals. For tips and sample plans for cats, dogs, horses, and farm animals, go here.