If You Care, Leave It There!

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Renesting Baby Squirrels

Baby squirrels often fall from their nests during storms or as they become larger than the area can compensate for. If you find a healthy baby squirrel on the ground, please give it a chance for the mother to come back and pick it up. If you care leave it there! Mammals such as gray squirrels form a very strong mother-young bond and given the opportunity, mothers will usually come back and pick up their babies if they can do so without human interference. It is imperative for humans to keep a distance from the baby and keep pets inside or leashed while in the area. Take a look around and see if you see an adult in the area. If you’re concerned with predation, the baby can be placed in a box or basket and fastened to the tree or structure it was found under. If you think the baby is orphaned or injured contact SFWC at (954) 524-4302 x10 for guidance.