Helping Wildlife Orphans

Letter-Background-72dpiThousands of newborns and newly-hatched animals will need our help…

This spring, I’m sure you will see wildlife in all of its glory. You may also see wildlife in need and be frustrated, especially when the lives of newborns and newly-hatched animals appear to be at risk.

But South Florida Wildlife Center is here for you!

Maybe you need advice to decide if a young animal is truly an orphan or just needs to be re-nested for a family reunion. Maybe you need our expert hand-rearing for orphaned animals in the nursery or need us to admit injured or ill animals for emergency veterinary medical treatment. We are here to help you help the animals.

Can you be there to help us? Your donation is urgently needed now to help fund our critical work for South Florida’s wildlife.

With spring arriving, calls to help animals are already on the rise. From special formulas to incubators — the costs add up quickly. Without your generous support, we couldn’t help these animals have a fresh, healthy start.

Thank you, in advance, for making it possible for us to be there to rescue, heal, and return to nature the many orphaned, injured, and ill wildlife in need, especially the many young animals who are at risk this time of year.