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Drew Schnitt — A Year of Dedication at SFWC 🌟

How Drew Schnitt Became an SFWC Volunteer

Drew Schnitt’s connection with the South Florida Wildlife Center was an act of destiny. An animal lover who has lived in South Florida for a year, Drew found himself rescuing and bringing in various animals to the Center before deciding to make it official as a volunteer.

Drew’s Role: Laundry, Cleanups, and Procedures

From laundry and cleanup to assisting with X-rays, Drew has contributed in many ways to the Center’s day-to-day operations. His hands-on involvement provides vital support to our team and our animal patients.

A Personal Tour of SFWC

In his interview, Drew paints a vivid picture of the facility—from the bustling hospital to the well-equipped kitchen, and all the way to the specialized animal habitats.

A Special Connection with Birds

As a parrot owner for over 30 years, Drew has a soft spot for birds. His favorite SFWC memory? A beach cleanup event where they released three rehabilitated pelicans and a seagull back into the wild.

About the Volunteer Program

At SFWC, volunteers like Drew play a critical role in our mission. If you want to make a difference, consider joining our volunteer program.


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