Centro de Vida Silvestre del Sur de Florida

Legacy Gifts

By thoughtfully planning your gift, you can take care of yourself and support the South Florida Wildlife Center. Our Development team is happy to help you explore how a charitable estate gift might help you achieve your financial and philanthropic goals.

For assistance with planning a gift which will benefit the South Florida Wildlife Center now or in the future, please contact: Director of Development 954-524-4302 ext. 19 development@ SouthFloridaWildlifeCenter.org


The act of giving assets such as stocks, bonds, jewelry, and cash, to organizations, through the provisions of a will or an estate plan.

Charitable Remainder

A charitable remainder trust allows a trustor to make contributions, be eligible for a tax deduction, and donate a portion of the assets.


A will ensures that the person's wishes are carried out.

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Real Estate or
Life Insurance

Real Estate or Life Insurance policy where the named beneficiary is a non-profit organization.

Charitable Stock Gifts

If you would like more information about planned giving or to make a donation, please contact us.