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Volunteer Spotlight: Dianne Stutts

In this volunteer spotlight interview, we introduce you to Dianne Stutts, a compassionate volunteer at the South Florida Wildlife Center. Dianne’s heart belongs to the opossums in the nursery, and her dedication to their care shines through in every word she shares.

Dianne’s Connection with Opossums:

Dianne’s love for opossums runs deep. These marsupials, often misunderstood and unfairly stigmatized, have found a champion in Dianne. Her journey as a volunteer began with a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of these unique creatures, and she’s been doing just that at the South Florida Wildlife Center.

Opossum Care at the Nursery:

Dianne’s role at the center primarily revolves around caring for opossums in the nursery. She provides them with the nurturing care they need during their most vulnerable stages of life. This includes feeding, monitoring their health, and creating a safe and comforting environment for these young marsupials.

Highlights from Dianne’s Journey:

Throughout her time as a volunteer, Dianne has been witness to numerous heartwarming moments with opossums at the South Florida Wildlife Center. Her dedication to their well-being and her efforts to raise awareness about these misunderstood creatures are truly commendable.

Dianne’s passion exemplifies the vital role volunteers play in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.


About the South Florida Wildlife Center:
The South Florida Wildlife Center is a lifeline for injured and orphaned wildlife, including opossums. With compassionate volunteers like Dianne Stutts, the center continues to make a significant impact on the lives of countless animals. Join us in supporting the South Florida Wildlife Center’s mission to protect and conserve South Florida’s unique wildlife.

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