South Florida Wildlife Center

Getting Involved: Join Us as a Volunteer!

Getting Involved: Join Us as a Volunteer!

Getting Involved: Join us as a Volunteer!

As a South Florida Wildlife Center Volunteer, you are vital to the success of the organization’s programs in education, rehabilitation, and conservation.

You will interact with an incredibly diverse range of animals and people, whether at the Center or out in the community. You will learn the fundamentals of working at a wildlife center and further develop your knowledge of a diverse range of animals and the laws we abide by to protect Florida’s resources, habitats, and inhabitants. The purpose of this volunteer program is to offer a wide variety of opportunities to interested people and to provide useful and meaningful service. This will assist Center staff in furthering the goals of The South Florida Wildlife Center, and provide support that would otherwise be impossible due to budget limitations. Not only will you be helping Florida’s wildlife, you’ll enjoy meeting new friends who share similar environmental concerns and gain personal satisfaction that comes from preserving Florida’s native animals. Raptor Row Volunteer Nancy F. says “I have learned as much here as in my college courses. Her volunteer day is “the most enjoyable day of her week” and she thinks “everyone here is kind and supportive.”

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