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Patient of the Month: Great White Heron

Patient of the Month: Great White Heron

Patient of the Month

Great White Heron

Each patient we treat offers an opportunity to learn how to be better neighbors to the local wildlife. Your support makes our mission possible.

On June 23rd, Flamingo Gardens discovered a Great White Heron in the canal behind their property, unable to fly. An intake exam revealed swelling, significant bruising on the radius and ulna in the left wing, and a small puncture wound. Radiographs showed that the ulna was intact but confirmed a fracture in the radius. The clinic staff administered fluids, pain medications, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory medications to help with swelling and pain. The wing was wrapped to help stabilize the fracture and allow for proper placement while healing. After one month of supportive care and physical therapy, we are thrilled to report that the injury is healing nicely. This patient is currently in our outdoor Marshbird Habitat for the final stage of the rehabilitation process. It won’t be long before this heron can return to the wild!

Did you know the Great White Heron is North America’s largest heron and is rarely seen outside central and southern Florida? Though they are regular throughout most of the southern half of the state, Florida Bay holds the majority of known Great White Herons, with about 850 breeding pairs. Very few are known to breed anywhere else in the world. They prefer saltwater, inhabiting mangroves, tidal shallows, or coastal ponds.

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