Baby Least Terns Displaced By Bad Weather Being Nursed Back To Health

SFWC is caring for two baby Least Terns after they were displaced by the bad weather over the weekend. The Least Tern is listed by the state as a threatened species.

American Bald Eagle on Road to Recovery

An American bald eagle, found unable to fly in Palm Beach, was taken to South Florida Wildlife Center for treatment. Upon evaluation, the veterinary team noted that the eagle had no obvious breaks.

Spring is probably the most-anticipated of seasons. It’s a time of regeneration and rebirth.

Your yard is likely home to dozens of animal families ranging from songbirds to squirrels to opossums – may- be even turtles, foxes or ospreys!

6 Foot Iguana Shot With Crossbow Rescued in Florida

A green iguana was brought to the South Florida Wildlife Center in Fort Lauderdale yesterday with major injuries after being shot multiple times with a crossbow.

A Second Chance for Orphaned Baby Raccoons

By Deborah Robbins Millman via Planet Experts, July 12, 2017 It is morning and most of the raccoons in The South Florida Wildlife Center nursery are still asleep in their hammocks. As animal caregiver Maria Vanegas begins preparing their bottles, a chittering sound, akin to the trilling of the “troublesome” tribbles from Star Trek, swells as they realize food is on … Continue reading A Second Chance for Orphaned Baby Raccoons

Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Vets Use Electro-Acupuncture To Help Tortoise Recover From Injuries

(By Ted Scouten/CBSMiami) — Veterinarians are employing an unusual technique to help a slower-than-normal tortoise recover from an apparent confrontation with a car. See video here. Someone found the Gopher tortoise with a cracked shell, noticed its painful-looking walk and took it into the South Florida Wildlife Center for treatment. “She probably got hit by a car, maybe … Continue reading Vets Use Electro-Acupuncture To Help Tortoise Recover From Injuries

Helping Wildlife Orphans

Thousands of newborns and newly-hatched animals will need our help… This spring, I’m sure you will see wildlife in all of its glory. You may also see wildlife in need and be frustrated, especially when the lives of newborns and newly-hatched animals appear to be at risk. But South Florida Wildlife Center is here for … Continue reading Helping Wildlife Orphans

Winter 2016 Newsletter

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No Greater Feeling…

Witnessing the release of an animal back into the wild is a thrilling and often life-changing event! There is no greater feeling… The animals’ sense of freedom seems to demonstrate their appreciation for the staff, volunteers, and YOU, who invest in their care, and play a role in returning them to their rightful home. Your … Continue reading No Greater Feeling…