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Our mission is to protect wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation, and education

Winners of the 2024 Photo Contest

We want to thank our guest judge, National Geographic Explorer, world-renowned photographer, speaker, conservationist, and book author Joel Sartore for judging this year’s contest!

Our Wildlife Education Ambassador team consists of reptiles, mammals, and birds that all help to enrich our environmental educational experiences. They create memorable and valuable interactions by providing hands-on learning opportunities to inspire further curiosity about the natural world.

The animals at SFWC could not survive in the wild, so the Center is their forever home. Given the highest standards of care and training, they are comfortable and confident educators. Visitors can learn what a snake feels like, how a turtle eats, and why omnivores like Opossums are essential in the wild. Our Animal Ambassadors help teach about why protecting habitats or landscaping with native plants helps to protect nature and wildlife.

The Animal Ambassadors at SFWC assist us in fulfilling our mission to educate the public about environmental issues and foster a peaceful co-existence with wildlife in our local communities.

South Florida Wildlife Center

Since 1969, the South Florida Wildlife Center has treated and rehabilitated thousands of injured and orphaned wildlife animals in the tri-county area. The Center is the highest-volume wildlife hospital in Florida, admitting between 10,000-12,000 animals each year. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and release injured and orphan wildlife in South Florida, and to educate the public about wildlife issues and a peaceful co-existence with our wild neighbors.

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